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HomeClass Nigeria respects your privacy. This policy describes the information we collect, how we use the information, our website privacy notice, your consent and how to contact us if you have any enquiry.

The policy is in a layered format, which means you can click on any of the listed heading to jump to each section.

1. overview

As a general rule, we do not collect your personal information unless you chose to provide it, and when you choose to provide us with your personal information, you are giving HomeClass permission to use that information for the stated purposes listed in this privacy policy.
If you choose not to provide us with that information, however, it might limit the features and services that you can use on this website. 

2. Personal data we collect

We collect information from you when you register on our website or fill out a form. 
Generally, the information we request will be used to provide support services to you. The information we collect about you occurs:

  • When you register on our website, we collect your full name, email address, location, phone number, and account log-in credentials.
  • When you fill-in our online form to contact us, we collect your full name, email address, and anything else you tell us about your request.

As a HomeClass User, you will provide your contact details, such as name, home address, telephone number, and email address, financial and personal information about you, such as your date of birth and government-issued IDs associated with you and your organisation as it applies to the account you're registering for.

Also as a User, when you make payments or conduct transactions through our website, we will receive your transaction information. We may receive this information directly from you, from the HomeClass User or third parties. The information we will collect include payment method information (such as credit or debit card number, or bank account information), purchase amount, date of purchase, and payment method. The payment method you choose to use from the list of available payment methods will determine the category of information that will be collected.

3. how we use personal data

We use the personal data collected to create an account for you. We also use them to verify our tutors, mentors and volunteers. We may also use them for email marketing, events-related communications and to participate in our surveys.

We also use the information collected to conduct fraud monitoring, prevention and detection activities,  to confirm your identity and prevent fraud. Our fraud monitoring, detection and prevention services may use technology that helps us assess the risk associated with an attempted transaction that is enabled on our website that collects information.

4. how we protect your information

We take the security of your personal information very seriously by ensuring that the information we collect is secure and inaccessible by anyone outside of our organisation. These precautions include advanced access controls to limit access to that information to only internal personnel who require access to that information. 

We also use numerous security technologies to protect all data stored on our servers and related systems. Our security measures are regularly upgraded and tested to ensure they are effective. We take the following specific steps to protect your information:

  • All information is secured through modern security technologies like Secure Socket Layer (SSL), encryption, firewalls, and secure passwords.
  • Servers that store visitor information is regularly backed up to protect against loss.
  • Use internal access controls so only limited personnel have access to your information.
  • Anyone with access to user information is trained on all relevant security and compliance policies.

All access safeguards described above are in place to prevent unauthorised access by outsiders to information stored on or transmitted by our systems.

5. website privacy notice

Our services on this website allow you to sign up or register for courses via email. Therefore, we use the information you provide, such as email address or phone number, to respond to your inquiry. However, keep in mind that email transmissions are not encrypted by default, so we suggest you do not send sensitive information such as Bank Verification Numbers, credit card numbers, or bank account information via such contact forms.

If such information is required, in case of making payment, it will be via a web page that clearly states such requirements and its transmission of information will be secure and encrypted. All electronic messages received from visitors are deleted when no longer needed.

6. cookies

Home Class uses cookies to provide a customised user experience on the website.

A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your computer to allow your browser to remember information about your last session on that website. Your computer only shares information in the cookie with the specific website that provided it, and no other website can request that information. Home Class also uses third-party analytics services (like Google Analytics) to gather this information for analysis.

Home Class collects and temporarily stores certain information about your visit to help us to better align our content and the website design with your needs. The information these cookies collect includes:

  • Your computer’s IP address
  • The name and version of the operating system of your computer
  • The type of browser you’re using to access our website
  • Language
  • The date and time you accessed the site
  • The domain that led you to our site
  • The pages you visited on our website
  • The links you clicked on our website
  • Your language preference
  • Your username, if you’ve logged into the site

8. contact us

If You have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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