Junior Secondary Certificate Examination

Have a good record with excellent grades. Transitioning from the ninth year of the basic education class to the senior secondary class is a pivotal point for one’s career path. With good grades, you get to choose your class, and with poor grades, you can be placed anywhere. Which would you prefer? Start a class now. 

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Questions by our users/students

Am I 100% guaranteed to get better grades?

Yes, you are guaranteed to get better grades. That is why we only approve of tutors that are certain to help improve your performance so that you come out in flying colours.

Do you conduct tests for your students?

Yes, we conduct series of tests for our students to prepare them for the examinations they have ahead because we believe that preparation is a huge part of success and their success is our success.

What are the working hours?

Working hours are usually an arrangement between you and the tutor. That is, it is flexible. Nevertheless, should you have a discord with a tutor based on required changes in arrangement; we will duly find you another tutor – provided we have 4 weeks’ notice ahead.

How much is it to register as a user/student?

It is also free to register as a student but you will pay to take any of our courses, the amount you will pay however is dependent on the course of study.

How do you charge and what are the rates?

To determine your rates which will be based on certain factors. When you register as a student, the rates and charges will be made available to you.

Are these tutors close to me?

Yes, we will find you a tutor at close distance to your home and in cases where we can’t find one – we will refund whatever payment you have made. But usually, we will find you a perfect tutor close to you.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you will get a refund for services not rendered in cases where you’ve paid up front. However, we bid that you inform us ahead of time if you intend to cancel before your upfront payment expires.

What ages/classes do you work with?

We work with kids from ages 4 and above. But please note that our duty is to teach your kids not to stand in for your nanny. Our tutors will not help you feed or change your kids’ clothes, but they will teach and train them in a loving manner.

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Forex Education
Police Entrance
Nursing Entrance
All Courses